• Information Design

    Digital (web site and mobile) strategy, information architecture, content strategy and development, and user experience design for cool stuff.

  • Information Design for Higher Education

    I love higher ed clients. Seriously.

    I've lead redesigns on internal & consultant teams for 15 years and counting, including some award-winning ones.

  • Information Design for Gaming

    You can probably figure out who this is for.

    I designed the user experience for the loyalty program of one of the largest gaming companies in the world, leading to increases in product registration and improved customer satisfaction.

  • Information Design for Television

    This is a wireframe that allows you to nominate Paul Stanley, because he deserves it.

    I provided the content strategy, editorial direction, and user experience design for MTV’s O Music Awards. It won a Webby!

  • Information Design for You!

    Occasionally, I speak at conferences.

    Contact me to see more of my work and discuss my availability for your project.

  • Meeting Design

    No matter what kind of business you’re in, meetings are the fundamental unit of human interaction. I’m crazy about making that interaction, and meetings, better.

  • Meeting Design for Project Kickoffs

    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C.

    I’ve facilitated dozens, including a kickoff involving 70+ for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). Successful starts are critical to a successful design.

  • Meeting Design for Digital Strategy

    Working with the team at WHYY to select the best approaches to any size screen.

    I’ve helped organizations like WHYY, Philly’s NPR affiliate, develop their mobile/responsive strategy in intensive full-day sessions.

  • Meeting Design for Better Design Process

    The beautiful headquarters of Channel 4 in London U.K.

    I worked with the design team at UK4 to develop their meeting culture to improve internal buy-in on design projects.

  • Meeting Design for You!

    Let’ sketch something together!

    Contact me to see more of my thinking on meetings and discuss my availability for your project.

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  • Writing

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    I like to solve interesting problems with smart people. People like you.

    You can also find me on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Flickr.